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Bay Cast - Casting

Casting Bay Cast Inc. is one of the world's largest independent suppliers of heavy-sectioned, finished steel castings—including mild and alloyed castings ranging from 1,000-70,000 lbs., and tool and stainless steel castings ranging from 500-30,000 lbs.

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Bay Cast

Bay Cast is the complete global solutions provider of heavy-sectioned finished steel castings, large-format precision machining services, and industry-benchmark base, floor, and surface plates. Industries that we serve include; oil and gas, hydro-electric, pumps and valves, aerospace, construction and mining, injection-molding, and stamping, as ...

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Bay Cast - Machining

Bay Cast's modern manufacturing equipment and processes, and commitment to customer service are redefining the machining industry's standards for quality. We consistently meet or exceed our customers' most demanding project specifications and requirements for fabrications, castings, and forgings.

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Bay State Cast Products, Inc. - Quality Cast Aluminum Tooling

Bay State Cast Products, Inc. is a supplier of aluminum castings for the heavy gauge thermoforming and pressure forming industry. Whether you're sourcing a basic casting to be completed in your facility, or a finished tool, we can meet your tooling requirements with these features: Ceramic, sand, or plaster process Reversing capabilities Polishing

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Bay Cast - Employment

Bay Cast Incorporated | 2611 Center Ave, PO Box 126, Bay City, MI 48707 | Phone: 989-892-0511 | 2611 Center Ave, PO Box 126, Bay City, MI 48707 | Phone: 989-892-0511

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Bay Cast - Plates

Globally, Bay Cast Technologies is the most complete manufacturer and supplier of base plates, floor plates, and surface plates for the testing, machine tool, and measurement industries. Whether from our standard product line, re-manufactured used, or custom manufactured, our plates are recognized throughout the industry as the benchmark for ...

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Cast Steel Production | Metal Casting Blog

Download our Cast Steel Grade Chart; Cast steel grades. Steel grades have been created by standards organizations such as ASTM International, the American Iron and Steel Institute, and the Society of Automotive Engineers to classify steels with specific chemical compositions and resulting physical properties. Foundries may develop their own internal grades of steel to meet user demand for ...

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PDF Steel Castings Handbook

engineers and the foundry's casting engineers is essential, to optimize the casting design, in terms of cost and performance. Additional guidelines for casting design are given in "Steel Castings Handbook" and Supplement 1,3, and 4 of the "Steel Castings Handbook". Minimum Section Thickness

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Carbon Steel vs Cast Steel - Steel Casting Foundry | Intercast

Carbon steel is one type of general groups of steel castings which has a carbon content up to 2.1% in weight. Once the alloy moves above a carbon content of 2.1%, it is then considered to be cast iron. Cast Steel. Cast steel, then, is a type of carbon steel, often containing a carbon content anywhere from 0.1-0.5% carbon.

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Cast Steel Equivalent Standards and Grades

Cast Steel Equivalent Standards and Grades. Non-alloy structural steels. EUROPE EN . ITALY UNI. CHINA GB. GERMANY DIN . FRANCE AFNOR. U.K B.S. RUSSIA GOST. USA AISI SAE. S235JR. Fe 360 BFN. Q235B. RSt 37-2 1.0038--40 B. ... Steel Castings, Gray Iron Casting, Ductile Iron Casting, Cast Iron Price ...

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