1.2344 / H13/SKD61 Hot Work Tool Steel Flat Steel

H13 Tool Steel | 1.2344 | SKD61 Hot Work Steel - Otai ...

H13 Tool Steel is chromium hot work tool steels which are widely used in hot and cold work tooling applications. H13 tool steel is classified as group H steels by the AISI classification system. This series of steels start from H1 to H19. AISI H-13 tool steel is characterized by: Good resistance to abrasion at both

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AISI H13 Tool Steel | 1.2344 | SKD61 Hot Work Steel - OTAI ...

OTAI Special steel is hot work alloy AISI H13 tool steel china supplier of in round bar, plate, flat bar, sheet, square and block. SAE AISI H13 steel equivalent with JIS SKD61, GB 4Cr5MoSiV1 and DIN 1.2344 Tool Steel.

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H13 1.2344 SKD61 Hot Work Mould Steel Flat and Square

H13 steel is the most popular and most versatile, hot work mould steel, providing a good balance of toughness, heat check resistance, and high temperature strength, in addition to moderate wear resistance. H13 steel can resist softening to 550°C and has good resistance to heat checking. Will Nitride with a case hardness over 1000 V.P.N.

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H13, 1.2344, SKD61 Hot work tool steel | Gloria Steel

H13, 1.2344, SKD61 Hot work tool steel, Standard material for hot forming tools, extrusion tools, forging dies, pressure casting tools, hot shear knives, tools for plastic industry.

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H13 / 1.2344 / SKD61 Hot Work Tool Steel Plates /Die Steel ...

1. Air cooling hardened hot work tool steel, most widely used hot work tool steel. 2. High toughness and cold and heat-fatigue resistance. 3. Excellent toughness hot fatigue resistance and certain abrasion resistance at medium temperature. 4. During air cooling, deformation and oxide skin tendency is small.

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H13 vs 1.2344 vs SKD61 | Hot Work Steel Comparision

Hot works steel refers to alloy steel that remains hard at a red heat; used to make metal-cutting tools. Hot works tool steels, like H13, 1.2344 or SKD 61 enable the hot-forming of work-pieces made of iron and non-ferrous metals as well as alloy derivatives at high temperatures. Today, we compare three common hot work

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AISI H13 Ι 1.2344 Ι SKD61 - Xingsheng Special steel

AISI H13 hot work tool steel Manufacturer and Exporter,supplied with round,square,flat,block,and shaft etc. AISIH13 is a chromium-molybdenum-vanadium hot work tool steel as per ASTM A681 standard.It has good resistance to abrasion at low and high temperature,good toughness, and good resistance to thermal fatigue cracking (also known as heat checking).H13 provides excellent machinability with ...

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Forged ESR Hot Work Tool Steel Round Rod 1.2344 H13 SKD61 ...

Forged ESR Hot Work Tool Steel round bar 1.2344 H13 SKD61 with width 205-710mm . About Us Guangzhou Changfeng Steel Co., Ltd. is a professional special steel company, which specializing in this line in China since 2005. Our main products are Plastic Mould Steel, Hot Work Mould Steel, Cold Work Mould Steel, Alloy Structural Steel, Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Forged Block.

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1.2344 / H13 Hardened Tool Steel , International Tool ...

1.2344 / H13 / SKD61 Die-casting Hot Work Special Tool Flat Steel . 1.2344 is the pressure resistant hot work die steel. The electroslag remelting of the steel is of uniform material, good hardenability, excellent mechanical and polishing properties, high toughness and plasticity, good high and low temperature wear resistance, and high temperature fatigue and heat resistance.

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1.2344(H13/X40CrMoV5-1/Z40CDV5) ESR HOT-WORK STEEL - Tool ...

It has better isotropic properties than traditional steel, and has excellent toughness and plasticity in all directions. 1.2344 is pressure resistant hot work die steel. Scope of application: 1.

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