silicone molds for pewter casting

The Must-Try Method for Pewter Casting with High Temp ...

Can you use low melt metals for casting?

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Silicone Molds For Pewter Casting - Video Results

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Tips for Making Silicone Molds for Pewter Casting using ...

UPDATE: I must apologize - there is a clip missing where I pour the second half of the mold - this was an editing error. I've now made another video on two-p...

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There is enough to make lots of molds and it does exactly what I wanted (casting small pewter coins and medallions). I never used mold-release and I've cast probably 30 times in the same mold without issue so far. If you're on the fence this is well worth it.

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Pewter casting mold | Etsy

HOBBY-CAST Slimline Series Silicone Mold 4 Cavity Tube In Casting Mold ... There are 78 pewter casting mold for sale on Etsy, and they cost $40.08 on average.

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Experiment: Silicone Molds and Casting Pewter! - YouTube

First off, big thanks to Centuries-Sewing, who pointed her awesome 3D prints out to me, and got me so excited to try this project out! Check out her historic...

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Silicone Molds For Pewter Casting - Image Results

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How To Cast Pewter Into Mold Max® 60

Pour the hot liquid pewter into a mold and continue to fill another mold before the pewter cools. After thoroughly cooling, the piece is ready to be demolded. The perfect detail can be seen in the reproduction of the final pewter casting. Many castings can be created in a Mold Max® 60 mold.

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Pewter Casting : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

pewter (ingots or scrap) a mold (I'll talk about these 3): 1. foundry casting sand, frame or other container for sand. 2. two-part silicone mold making kit, mixing cups, molds (I used dixie cups and yogurt cups) 3. cuttlebone, tools for carving: knife, nail, clay tools. torch . stainless steel ladle

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How to Make Pewter Molds | eHow

Pewter is a heavier, more durable and less expensive alternative to silver. Pewter is cast in RTV molds. RTV stands for Room Temperature Vulcanizing, meaning that the rubber of the mold becomes hard at room temperature. RTV silicone is inexpensive and can produce very detailed casts. The two types of RTV are condensation cure and addition cure.

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